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Michele Sleight

Michele Sleight Fine Art

Port Orchard, WA


To create visual art is to bring to the eyes what is seen with the heart. Deep inner yearnings, humorous life experiences, the picturesque words of a storyteller, the touch of music, a graceful dance -- all these can be the impetus which brings life to a dead-white canvas. The desire to present a visual interpretation of these things creates the spark that fuels my fire. To release the vision is the need. To share the feeling is the goal.

My work is an illustrative mixed media presentation. Using ink, markers, paint and sometimes an added textural medium, I render lines that contain movement reminiscent of dance. The curves lead the eye through the piece with a graceful flow, allowing a pause along the way to examine detailed textures. Vibrant color invites the viewer to draw close and enter into a pleasing journey through the work.

A hint of a story is present in most of my art. Indeed, some pieces are directly inspired from the written word. There is usually a tale to tell behind the making of each piece which I am always happy to share.

I am an active member of The Peninsula Art League of Gig Harbor, WA. and The South Kitsap Artists Association in connection with The Sidney Art Gallery in Port Orchard, WA., where my work is currently shown.



Night Magic by Michele Sleight


Witch's Brew by Michele Sleight


Here's to Us by Michele Sleight


Fantasy Fish by Michele Sleight


Dreamfield by Michele Sleight


Halloween Dance by Michele Sleight


As The Crows Fly by Michele Sleight


Moonflight by Michele Sleight


Damia by Michele Sleight


Magica Luna by Michele Sleight


Water Dance by Michele Sleight


Under The Hill by Michele Sleight


Chicken Walk by Michele Sleight


Glory In The Flower by Michele Sleight


Splendor In The Grass by Michele Sleight